Wednesday, July 18, 2007

List of Poets

Francis Gichuru
Pam Amadi
Okello Koronji
Otieno Amisi...


mewiii said...

Greetings my literary friends.

I am starting work on my second newsprint article book entitled "44th the Inauguration". It will be a 250 page hardbound coffee table book (12" x 22") displaying the front pages of worldwide newspapers showcasing the coverage of the January 20th 2009 ceremonies.

If you would like to submit a positive poem about Barack Obama for consideration please do so before January 5, 2009. Poems will be juried and accepted entries will be notified before January 15th. We are dedicating a special section to poets from Hawaii and Kenya. If you are or know of someone who is from these regions please inform them or consider submitting an entry. Check out a virtual copy of the first one by clicking this link then clicking view virtual book.

Questions and entries may be directed to . Please feel free to pass this information on to your literary cohorts and friends.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Mike Williams

Carlos Omwenga said...

hey i wanna be poet and i have written so many poems